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ChitChatDealers.com is the largest Chit Chat Mobile Master Dealer. We have only one goal, and that is to help you, the Cellular Phone Retail Store, be more successful, profitable and competitive in the market today. We guarantee you that our experience will help you increase traffic, increase revenue, and make your business more competitive than ever. How do we plan to do that? First, by signing you up as a Chit Chat Mobile Authorized Dealer. Not only we will pay the highest residuals and allow you to make good profit, we will help you with the paperwork and the training process, we will help you with sourcing equipment at really good prices, help you reduce costs not only with Chit Chat Mobile but in the rest of your business. We have professionals that have been in the industry since 1994, let our experience help you make your business as big and profitable as you want it to be. I personally guarantee you, you will not be disappointed, you have my word on that.

Mike Lopez
Chief Brand Officer

- 24/7 Support via telephone, text message, or email
- Vast knowledge and experience at your disposal
- Highest residuals, paid on time and accurately
- Complete support on all aspects from day one

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We offer special value offers to our Chit Chat Dealers. Deals that will help you become more profitable, and more competitive. Feel free to check out our offers and remember they are only available to our Chit Chat Dealers ;)

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We can help you with Advertising needs and expenses. We have graphic designers at your disposal and will be happy to help with all your advertising needs.

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What Clients say:
I never imagined one product could change our business so much. Thank you Chit Chat Dealers for all your help, I have received nothing but outstanding service from you guys!
- Leo, SD Cell Repair - San Diego